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Tomb of Rooms VR

Tomb of Rooms VR

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Tomb of Rooms VR is a first person survival horror / dungeon crawler. In this demo the player must find the skeleton key to unlock the exit gate and escape. The level is generated differently every time, so you are never sure what is around the next corner...

We're still working on the VR implementation so if you have any comments, please leave them below or on our forum.

--- TIPS --- * Reading the books can give you clues about the enemies' weaknesses. * If you are constantly surrounded by many enemies, try moving around slower (half press the movement stick to creep quietly). Also, shooting the rifle can attract enemies. * Always remember to reload the rifle after shooting!

Setup Instructions
Unzip to location of your choice...

Minimum Requirements
Oculus Rift CV1 / DK2

Playing Instructions
Only works with a gamepad! There is a gamepad control guide on the title screen. Additionally: START - Pauses the game Esc - Quits the game